Topshop Paris

I discovered on Wednesday that TOPSHOP, one of my absolutely favourite stores, had opened in Paris!!! I cannot explain my utter joy and excitement when I read this news. I was also overcome with sheer disbelieve as it opened on the 24th of October and I was only finding out one week later. So, of course, I had to go and explore.

It is situated on the second floor of the Galleries Lafayette right in the heart of Paris (between American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, could the location be anymore perfect?). The shop itself is quite small compared to some of the other stores I have visited but they really pack a lot into this small space. They have a really good selection of the Topshop boutique selection and the Kate Bosworth collection with Topshop. However, their accessories, shoes and jewellery sections are limited.



The prices are extremely cheap compared to some other European Topshop’s as they don’t add extra ‘handling charges’ on to the price after converting it from sterling… Of course I had to buy myself a little treat 😉


Love x x

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  1. Yes, that’s also good news for me, can’t wait to spend some money there 😉

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