Miss Dior Exhibition – Grand Palais

On February 12 1947, Christian Dior disrupted the rules of fashion by introducing a ‘New look collection’, a new womanly silhouette. According to Dior himself, the collection was designed for ‘flower-like’ women and was created to change women’s fashion from the more masculine styles which were embraced during WWII. Dior wanted a return to a more delicate and feminine style of voluptuous skirts, narrow shoulders combined with a narrow waist – a silhouette that would contour the womanly figure. Accompanied with this new shape was the launch of the first Miss Dior perfume (named after his sister). Miss Dior is a classic beauty, simple and sophisticated and always ahead of the times.


As Dior once remarked  “I have created this perfume in order to wrap each woman in exquisite femininity, as though each of my dresses had emerged, one by one, from a perfume bottle.”


The Miss Dior exhibition, which is open until November 25, celebrates the classic fragrance and its development over the decades. 15 female artists have produced a range of artworks especially for the exhibition around central themes associated with the various Miss Dior perfume bottles and campaigns. Plus, old vintage photographs of some of Dior’s most famous clients and dresses from the past few decades will be on display, including more contemporary pieces by Raf Simons. This is one exhibition you do not want to miss PLUS its free 🙂



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