ILJA – PFW S/S 2014

ILJA’s spring/Sumer 14 collection is based on IKEBANA the art of Japanese flower arrangement where by nature and the body are brought together and this mesmerizing collection certainly lived up to that. The color palate, which was a variety of smog blacks, shouldering greys, off-whites, was combined with natural greens, blossom pinks and sky blues to bring together the elements of sky, earth nature and mankind.

The white washed walls of Galerie de Villiepoix was divided into two sections and brought to life through the model presentation of this stunning collection. The materials were incredible and consisted mostly of crisp but sensual lightweight silks. The stark contrast between the structured lines, the flowing silk and harmonious colors created the perfect modern silhouettes to emphasis the merging of IKEBANA and the metropolis. Each piece of the collection resembled a blossoming flower, which reinforced the central theme.

In the second section of the galerie stood a hanging rail displaying ILJA’s ready-to-wear collection.  Press were encouraged to browse through the rail and to feel each piece, which for me was the best part as the materials and the craftsmanship of the designs are even more breathtaking upon closer inspection.






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