The Best of Street Style – Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture

As Paris Haute Couture fashion week comes to an end, here are some of the best street style outfits from the entire week.

Over the past few days I have been studying and collecting my favourite looks from outside the most prestigious and coveted fashion shows.

Yes, Mira Mikheeva Duma appears 3 times because, well, her style is impeccable and she’s as cute as a button!!

1558525_616033838451285_515297841_n 1620355_616033825117953_1457327675_nhbz-street-style-couture-paris-19-sm hbz-street-style-couture-paris-29-sm hbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-21-sm hbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-23-sm 1hbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-08-65544160-sm 1hbz-street-style-couture-paris-promo-smhbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-36-smhbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-31-sm551271_616033861784616_1697509246_n taw-two-couture01 taw-two-couture23taw-six081017563_10153713648395004_251474783_n


Photos taken from: Harpers Bazaar,, W magazine & WWD



  1. hadrienlacoste

    Do you cover the Parisian shows yourself? If so, I’d love to meet you next season! Love your pictures so much!
    Hadrien Lacoste

    • Hello Hadrien!
      If we get tickets, yes, we cover them ourselves. We are based in Paris so we are always here. We would love to meet up with you! Are you local as well? Love your PFW posts xxx

      • hadrienlacoste

        Yeah I also live in Paris! And also getting accredited to the shows… Ok that would be cool to meet up in February during the Fall collections!

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