The Bottle Shop


My friends and I were craving brunch on this rainy Sunday morning (with adult drinks) and decided to check out a quaint little restaurant called The Bottle Shop.  Buried on a street in the 11eme, it was lovely.  Like any proper brunch joint, there was a special menu just for Sundays and everything was very reasonably priced.  Mimosas and Bloody’s were €5 each, and the main dishes were €13.  I had an amazing breakfast burrito that was on my table in under 10 minutes.


The staff was very attentive and all of them spoke English.  They didn’t even hesitate to give us the wifi password when asked (which is very important in my book), and they were very friendly.  For being a small place, it didn’t feel crowded and we were able to enjoy a nice, bubbly afternoon.  If you’re looking for a cute place to bring friends, definitely check this place out!

Check out the brunch menu here

The Bottle Shop

5 rue Trousseau

75011 Paris

Metro- Ledru Rollin

01 43 14 28 04


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