London Photo Diary

Last week, I was in London for some work related matters, which meant I did not get to spend that much time touring and taking photos of the wonderful city but definitely the next time (im already planning my next trip ;))

The first two days I was there it rained like crazy, but finally I was able to spend one relaxing, sunny Saturday there before taking the bus back to Paris (which was great and so cheap). Here are some of the pictures from my three days – A late and rainy walk around Regents Street, a snap of the Apollo Theatre where I saw Wicked (AMAZING!!), a huge English breakfast at a little cafe called Cafe 388, another late night walk by the river, Primrose Hill and Regents Park! x

IMG_2676 IMG_2680 IMG_2673 IMG_2672 IMG_2659
IMG_00000375 IMG_00000373 IMG_00000369 IMG_2946 IMG_2943 IMG_2924 IMG_2917 IMG_2914 IMG_2908 IMG_2895



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