Rome Photo Diary

Last weekend, I traveled to Rome for the first time to visit some friends. I was absolutely blown away by the buildings, the ancient ruins, the food and the weather. We only had one day of bad weather and, when I say bad, I mean 23 degrees and slightly overcast 😉 Sitting here in rainy Paris makes me ache for the sun again wahhh…

Just a quick note, all my photos were taken on a blackberry so the quality is not the best as I stupidly forgot one suitcase with my camera and lots of other things!

Anyway, hope you enjoy these little snaps of the magnificent Roma!!

Trevi Fountain


Peoples Square


Italian Cuisine – I had the pleasure of eating some of the best pizzas, antipasto’s, italian gelato and strong espresso’s  BUTT they were finished before I remembered to take some pictures 😀 These are my only food pics – Stuffed Courgette, stuffed aubergines and pistachio, hazelnut and white chocolate ice-cream


The Colosseum


Walking through the Ruins 


St Peter’s Basilica



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