Papier Glacé Exposition: 100 years of Fashion Photography


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to the last day of the Condé Nast Papier Glacé exposition. It was truly one of the best expos I have been to in a really long time. This traveling exposition showcased some of the most famous fashion photographers who got their start with the company. Rare and glamorous photographs lined the halls, mostly from Vogue but also Glamour, GQ, and other publications from the company.



It was interesting to see photos from Vogue Italy, France, England and America side by side because while they all have the same general purpose and ideas, there are clear differences between the four publications. I noticed the photos from Vogue Italy had a lot more use of color, while the French were very classy and typical spreads you would expect from Vogue. My favorites were the pictures from the ‘20s and ’60s. The clothes and the hairstyles are just amazing! At the end, there was a collaboration of short films that glanced into the future of the world of fashion photography.


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