Oh My Node Capsule

Are bow ties only for hipsters?

Since bow ties first entered the fashion scene, there has been a stereotype about people wearing them. Hipsters of our era would wear bow ties to avoid mainstream, but bow ties are not only for them; everyone can wear them!

New aspiring brand Oh My Node hosted an event to launch new design Capsule Rétro bow ties last Wednesday at Le Showroom des Petits Frenchies.



These two young designers, Gauthier Casanova and Hippolyte Thibierge, are not afraid of using bold patterns and color. Ten New retro bow ties are fun, funky and dynamic just like Belgian singer Stromae, the designers’ inspiration for the line.  They, indeed, made something that Stromae would wear.

noeud-papillon-le-sleenetique noeud-papillon-l-utopique noeud-papillon-l-etonnant noeud-papillon-l-averti

Each bow tie is 100% hand-made in their workshop located in Paris, each one made with only French fabrics. They delicately took care of details with deliberation to ensure the quality of the ties.








It was a small event with high expectation and aspiration. Even though the brand is inspired by ‘hipster’ style, they wish that bow ties becomes more popular among anyone in anytime.




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