Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg for Current Elliot

Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg … we have all seen her and perhaps even admired her style. The famous Anglo-French actress and daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, has given Parisienne chic a whole new meaning.

Her barely brushed hair and “makeup-free” look has caused her to gain some attention. Both model and muse for Balenciaga and French Vogue, Gainsbourg has seemed to charm us all with natural good looks and doe-eyed stares.

Gainsbourg’s first memorable film was in Paroles et Musique where she played Catherine Deneuve’s daughter. She has since debuted in The Cement Garden, Oleana, and Jane Eyre … and that’s just the tip of iceberg for her film career.

But now, you too can look “Au Natural” with a chic, effortlessly French, Charlotte Gainsbourg style. Her most recent capsule collection for Current Elliot gives simple and clean lines, which would look great with a few added accessories. Think scarves, stylish ballet flats, and a chic Hermes handbag.

Just one sassy, vintage style red leather coat will blow your mind and your pocketbook at a whopping at 1,722.29 Euros (2,268.00 Dollars). A safer choice might be the mid-rise, slim straight jeans priced at just 173 Euros (228 Dollars). So start saving your money, and we mean every cent of it. Darker color palettes of caviar, washed gray, indigo, vintage red, jet black, and navy colors give a nice worn, vintage feel with a certain level of sentimental quality.

“For me, denim has always been a fabric that can take on the personality of the person who wears it,” states Gainsbourg.

The line is to debut at Net-a-Porter, Matches, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. Lookbooks of the collection can be viewed on the Current Elliot website here and you can shop the collection here!

“She is a real talent – working with Charlotte just felt natural, “ claims Serge Azria, CEO of Elliot.


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