Louis Vuitton New Fall/Winter Collection

August 31, 2014 marked a traumatic and devastating day for the Louis Vuitton family who had lost one of their own, Yves Carcelle. Yves had lost his life to kidney cancer. At just 66 years old, Carcelle’s energetic and determined approach to recreating the entire image of Vuitton will always be remembered by those who knew him. His work transformed Vuitton from just designing traveling trunks into a high-end luxury fashion brand by targeting a larger expansion in Asia and even taking part in the recruiting of Marc Jacobs as head designer of the house.

“He really gave his life to that place,” states Marc. “But while he knew it was a huge business and he was building it, he never forgot it was also something he enjoyed and it was fun. And that made all the difference.”

In 1989, Carcelle took on the head of strategy position at LVMH, allowing him to double the amount of LVMH boutiques and increase billion dollar revenues. In 2012, he retired from Louis Vuitton, but had since been the vice president of the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation.

Although Vuitton has suffered an immense loss, they are still pushing forward … always on the verge of overpowering the fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton’s current artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière, gave an exclusive interview with Madame Figaro, allowing readers to get an inside glimpse of Vuitton.

Madame Figaro. – “Your first show for Louis Vuitton, successful, immediately imposed a vision of fashion with bias very identifiable … “

Nicolas Ghesquière. – “This is probably the game of maturity. I wanted a strong fashion discourse but at the same time, I said it more simply. I think I am ready to speak to more people, to talk to more women. Everything I’ve done before has prepared me and led me to this. It’s like I’m starting all and everything was overhauled, even if I have previously explored a number of areas and I now has the experience to this new adventure in an extraordinarily inspiring home. Everything is possible, the question of feasibility and resources arise almost no … “

The rest of the Madame Le Figaro Interview can be viewed here

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In addition, the Fall Winter Louis Vuitton handbag advertisements will be released this October, which feature the one and only Michelle Williams. Soft and subtle color tones of a-line dresses create a sensual and intimate feel. Windswept beach blonde hair along with simple makeup creates a natural but yet romantic feeling. A penetrating glaze attracts the viewer. It is as if Williams can see the viewer right through the camera lens. Her force and fragility are both seen and felt without being heard.



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