Dolce & Gabbana SS ’15

Every one of Stefano Gabbana’s collection stays true to his Sicilian roots. The Spring/Summer 2015 line was no different, although very specific. This year’s line was inspired by the Spanish invasion of Sicily in the 15th century, and the effects on the city itself. Red, white and black were the main colors and the styles were, once again, in harmony with the 1970s overall theme of this upcoming season. Picture a sexy bullfighter lingerie outfit, and that’s basically this collection in a nutshell. Lots of embellished, red satin, mimicking that of a matador. If a bull was fascinated by them before, they haven’t seen anything yet.



Dolce_e_Gabb_RS15_5083 Dolce_e_Gabb_RS15_5110 Dolce_e_Gabb_RS15_5125 Dolce_e_Gabb_RS15_5181 Dolce_e_Gabb_RS15_5283


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