Phoenix Fashion Week- Night Two

Day two of fashion week was filled with optimistic laughter and gossip as people lounged by the pool. The energy was electric as designers showed off their latest creations, Boots, (supporting the event) provided guests with a total facial makeover and many had their photo taken on the red carpet for their five seconds of celebrity fame.

Mercedes Benz convertibles were staged side show. Audience members made their way to their seats working their bright, bold western style pattern magic and some embraced a sleek, ever so elegant fashion noir style. Somebody in the front row suppressing smoke from a last minute cigarette.

Flashes light up the night as the first model emerges.

Atiz – Eastern traditions. Western innovations. Global sophistication.

Swati Padmaraj is the designer and founder of the Atiz Fashion House. Showcasing her collection at Fashion Week in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Portland, and Phoenix, there is clearly no sign of slowing down for Atiz.

“It has to be very proactive — 150 percent effort on my part,” Padmaraj claims. “I’m not just going to wait for the buyers to come to me. It’s important for emerging designers; it’s the first step into the real world, so I’m super excited. I think I’m going to rock it.”

Sheer blacks and whites emerged out onto the scene. Striped shirts with bold, elegant styled jewelry. A girly, feminine feel was evoked through the beige, coral, grays, blues, and green color scheme. Garments were fitted, but moved with ease. Many of the pieces had a touch of fringe and models sported a sexy, cat eye look.

Each outfit was offset by feathered shoes, which seemed to take many by surprise. Pleats draped on the back of blouses floated in the light, early fall breeze. An all black belted sequin dress shimmy and shined in the spotlight.




Kismit – The Catalyst to One’s Fashion Destiny. It is Fate, After All.

New emerging designer Kismit, designs to inspire women to help embrace their dreams and destiny and become a little more risky in their style.

“I tried to infuse my collection with my own personal style of modern, minimal, simple, and sophisticated, “ Kismit states.

Contrasting light and darkness was married with contradiction. Simple, clean lines, with strong bias cuts took the spot light. Dark color palettes military greens, studded embellishments, and fur trimmings invaded the runway. These pieces are definitely unique and one of a kind.






Special thanks to Charles Fazio and Miss Glam Dan for the photos!



About kkinziger

My name is Krystle Kinziger and I am from Los Angeles, California. Originally, I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I created this blog for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make the give a fly on the wall perspective of the fashion industry. By reading this blog, fashion outsiders can ultimately know the ins and outs of the industry. I have access to information because I(the author) work from within the confines of the fashion industry and experience it first hand.

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