Phoenix Fashion Week – Night Three

Phoenix Fashion Week night three would unveil the established designers showcasing fashion’s highly desired and most sought after Haute Couture collections.

Rocky Gathercole – Exotique – Avant Garde

Designer Rocky Gathercole stole the show leaving audience members in a state of perpetual amazement (as he does every season). His designs have been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and Katy Perry.

Dark, sultry one–piece chiffon styled bustiers covered in red embellishments were worn with sleeves so long, they covered the hands. Deep red fringe flowed from front midsection draping towards the back. Perfect for your vampy, but seductive femme fatale.

Structured cage like corsets were dotted with multiple shades of pink roses were worn with sexy pique leggings.

Colorful ombres of bright fringe covered one-piece styled bustiers contrasting with black floral applique.

This creative imagery of vibrant allure has not only shined on the audience at Phoenix Fashion Week, but the designer claims he showcased his collection for the second time at London Fashion Week.

“Being imaginative resourceful, and original” Gathercole says is key to becoming a successful designer. “People only see color and I use very unique fabrics. I like to use fabrics that people would never think of using on a garment. I actually included rubber bands in my collection this season,” he reveals.

This bold and avant-garde collection reveals the hidden depths of a designer’s hidden desires, dreams, fears, and even nightmares. It leaves audience members speechless and in a trance-like stare.

Jacqueline Nicole – Contemporary Clothing For The Modern Social Maven

Flirty, tasteful, and timeless, Jacqueline Nicole designs has hit the runway.

“I am inspired by 1950s Hollywood glamour and my collection was inspired by Roman Holiday. Each piece is casually worn during the day for a vacation get-away. I feel that I have something that speaks to working women and sells successfully,” Nicole quips.

Flowing dresses with lustrous lining and backless halters summed up the look of her collection.

Her youthful style, sense of movement and freedom was inspired from her younger years as a competitive dancer.

Other key pieces included a brightly colored peach sequin skirt with a magenta pink quilted crop top. Her dresses are perfect for shopping sprees during the day and dark stunning sequin embellished dresses for clubbing in the evening. Beautiful aqua and blue mermaid-like gowns showed off curves while expressing a deeper level of radiant beauty.

“As a designer, I always believe you should try new things – textures, fabrics, finishes. Many of my customers have classics, but I have to make them new and different every season,” she claims after the show. She glances towards the runway, as if peering into her future collections once more.

“I like women who feel good in what they wear,” she adds with a quick, but delicate smile.


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