Designer Spotlight: Possibility Jewelry

“You never know…”

The tagline for Possibility Jewelry is pretty powerful, and true… you never know what is possible.

These were the positive thoughts Astrid Mueller was focused on when creating her brand, and she wants everyone who wears her pieces to feel the same inspiration.

The Switzerland native began doing graphic design for Swarovski, perfected her craft after studying at Parsons, and started the line in 2011. Long distance love was calling, and she answered by moving to be with her beau in Alaska, where she currently runs possibility.

Rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets, and much more make up this collection. Every piece is made out of lucite, and if put in the sun, will shimmer just as it should. Intricate engravings and shading add just the special touch it needs for each one to be exclusive, like snowflakes. These pieces can add both vintage and modern touches to any outfit at the same time.


PossibilityShoot24 (1) PossibilityShoot74

Shop the whole possibility collection here.


Photos by Cadenaslife Photography




  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    gorgeous collection! very unique ❤

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