Mary Katrantzou Collaborates with Adidas

From Pharrell Williams, Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rick Owens, it seems that Adidas has taken its street-styled sneaker to a whole new level of high fashion.


Mary Katrantzou can now be added to the list as she collaborates with Adidas on a capsule collection that features the designer’s key styles of bright color and kaleidoscopic patterns. Her graphic visions in this collection evoke a certain level of feminine strength.


Outrageous gold embellishment on pink, red, green, purple with outlandish abstract prints, will feed your wild side. Tight, yet athletic, Neoprene dresses are drenched in bold, colorful stripes and brilliant polka-dots. Think: Geometric + Abstract = Athletic.

“I’m really excited to be working with Adidas on a line of apparel and footwear. I grew up, like so many other kids around the world, wearing Adidas sneakers and I’m really excited about bringing my vision to such a global brand. They have a fantastic heritage and their ability to innovate in sportswear makes them the perfect partner for us to work with in this market,” gushes Katrantzou.

“I think print and color communicate perfectly to a wider audience. I wanted this collection to be more democratic because what I do everyday is niche and luxury, so it’s great to translate my work into a product more people can enjoy. We both have a very distinctive brand identity, so it was important to marry the two and create a line which is representative of both. I have never done sneakers before and they are a big part of our culture – it’s exciting to be part of that, through this collaboration,” she continues.

Be sure to find the nearest Adidas store near you as the collection launches in November 2014.

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