Why Blanket Scarves Should Be Your Favourite Winter Trend


I was dubious when the blanket scarf trend started. The oversized accessory seemed unnecessary as Autumn arrived in London, thanks to the warm weather and uncharacteristic lack of rain. Halloween was one of the warmest on record meaning short skirts were acceptable and shopping for winter clothes wasn’t a priority. With joke articles comparing Ikea blankets to Burberry’s monogrammed ponchos, I thought I wasn’t a fan. But, of course, British weather is very dependable and winter arrived within a matter of days, almost skipping autumn entirely, forcing me to start pulling out my winter wardrobe. Sitting in cold lectures, I muttered how much I wish it were acceptable to bring my duvet, and slowly I realised maybe I could…
Trying on blanket scarves is actually like climbing into a warm nest, something that is ridiculously welcome during cold afternoons in class. And, the best part is that because these scarves have come from top designers and filtered down to the high street, I can take an affordable blanket into lessons, and still appear as though my main motivation is fashion…
Embrace the big scarf, keep your hair and face easily dry when the rain starts pouring, and choose a pretty colour to match the winter coat you’ve no doubt had to don.

H&M, Topshop, River Island, Accessorize and even Topman have the best affordable versions of Burberry and Mulberry.







River Island

River Island


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Hanna is a freelance journalist and writer from a dead-end county in deepest England who has come to Berlin to seek her fortune and write about the future. Avid internet enthusiast and night owl.

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